National Candy Holidays

Navigand pe internet in cautarea a catorva modele de cutii pentru bomboane, am dat intamplator peste un site unde erau afisate dati din an in care se sarbatoresc dulciurile. Mi-am zis atunci: uite un motiv bun sa mananci dulciuri si alte minuni care ne afecteaza silueta  fara ca sa te ia nimeni la intrebari. Doar nu sa fii nesimtit si nu o sa sarbatoresti aceste importante evenimente, nu? So, ladies (si nu numai), uitati calendarul fericirii :))



3rd –  Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
8th –  English Toffee Day
26th –  Peanut Brittle Day

15th –  Gum Drop Day
19th – Chocolate Mint Day

3rd week – American Chocolate Week
19th –  Chocolate Caramel Day
24th –  Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day

12th –  Licorice Day
21st –  Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day
22nd –  Jelly Bean Day

12th –  Nutty Fudge Day
15th –  Chocolate Chip Day
23rd –  Taffy Day

Candy Month
16th – Fudge Day

7th – Chocolate Day
15th – Gummi Worm Day
20th –  Lollipop Day
28th –  Milk Chocolate Day

4th –  Chocolate Chip Day
10th – S’mores Day
30th –  Toasted Marshmallow Day

13th – Inter Chocolate Day
22nd –  White Chocolate Day

Caramel Month
28th –  Chocolate Day
30th –  Candy Corn Day
31st –  Caramel Apple Day

7th –  Bittersweet Chocolate with
Almonds Day

7th –  Cotton Candy Day
16th –  Chocolate-Covered Anything Day
26th –  Candy Cane Day
28th –  Chocolate Day
29th –  Chocolate Day

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