Yellow brick road!

I’m always asking myself what would I do if  one day somebody would offer me a chance to change my life. Just like a yellow brick road from “Wizard of Oz”. I wouldn’t mind being Dorothy for a while, searching for the Wizard in order to fulfil my biggest wishises. It would be so freakin’ awesome. And of course I would like to erase the part when the wicked witch appears and mess up everything, but that’s not possible. There is always a bad witch, even in the real life, who likes to destroy everything you created. And then you want to rip her into pieces and throw her into a river.
Life can’t be a fairy-tale, even if you want to. You always  keep telling yourself that that thing can’t be possible happening to you, because you have a great destiny and you are a lucky person. But nobody knows their future and what’s going to happen’ next. If we would know, then life would be boring with nothing left to discover. We wouldn’t be able to experiment the feeling of discovering something new and funny and yelling “Eureka” just like Archimede did.
We always pity others for their troubles, but in our mind we keep saying that it’s so good that “that thing didn’t happend to us…we are so damn lucky”. No, we aren’t, cause tomorrow in the morning we might just  die from a car accident. We are selfish and we only think of ourselves, even if we are sorry for the others. This is human nature and this is the way we are build. It would be wrong to deny it. But there are people who deny it, so why wouldn’t we?
As a conclusion to what I said above, I want a change in my life, just a tiny one to make it more funny and lovable. And I want it just for me, and no problems in the end.
The End!
With love, a Lulu with a tired mind who doesn’t know what’s she talking about.

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