Yoi Otoshi O!!

Cum acesta va fi ultimul post din acest an, va urez celor care cititi un an nou fericit si cat mai bun, plin de sanatate si impliniri! Ne auzim cu bine in noul an ce vine! Ja ne! *hug*
Iar titlul acestui post inseamna “Sa aveti un an bun!”, urare care se adreseaza pana la 31 decembrie! ^^

Tocmai am descoperit ca trecerea noului an la japonezi is the loudest in the world. And here is the explanantion:

Some like it loud. Ringing in the New Year here doesn’t just consist of crowds counting down from ten, champagne in hand. No sir, Japan actually rings bells; BIG loud bells, 108 times, from every temple in the country. With thousands of Japanese temples sprinkling the many islands of the nation, the sounds of New Year’s will hit your ears louder than anything you have ever heard.

2 thoughts on “Yoi Otoshi O!!

  1. :)) oh, God, asta ar fi o experienţă genială. Deşi urechile mele cred că nu sunt de acord * laughs *Anyhow, Japan is so damn interesting, dacă tot sunt aici, trebuia să zic asta.Happy New Years! : )

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